Our Values

  • SMI Spirit: To strive continuously to make new progress, to accommodate anything good, to challenge limit, to pursue excellence
  • SMI Principle: Creditability, Responsibility, Innovation, Self-discipline
  • Corporate Tenet: To pursue the excellence and contribute to the society
  • Business Concept: To adhere to sustainable development strategy, implement low-risk and rapid-development strategy To improve control ability, increase risk management, realize dual-hundred goal, and create centurial Bohui.
  • Study Concept: To work together and create learning experience.
  • Quality Concept: Quality is life. To improve product quality endlessly
  • Safety Concept: To conduct trade operations in a zone that is safe for environment and human beings.
  • Service Concept: To meet customer’s demands is our pursuit.
  • Team Spirit: Union is strength, and fundamental guarantee to build centurial Bohui as well.


Respect for commonalities and differences is a core founding principle of our business. We believe that for AITRA to gain respect as a company, we must first give it to others – including our employees, customers, service providers, bankers, investors, governments and aid agencies.


Our transparency, consistent principles and work standards inspire trust in all who interact with our Group.


We are continuously improving ourselves as we build a truly sustainable business in an increasingly competitive regional and international market.


AITRA operates in developing economies, where daily life is often a struggle. The small scale farmers of these regions are critical contributors to the ultimate success of our company, and by working together honestly and fairly, we build the foundations for mutually beneficial long-term growth.