Pusa Basmati 1401 Rice is the first early maturing basmati rice variety. This Basmati quality traits Introgression from Pusa Basmati-1 Rice (PB-1).

Seed & Agricultural details: It’s a seed to seed maturity of only 145 days and an average yield of 3.9 Metric Tonne per hectare. PB-1401 is a semi-dwarf Basmati rice variety with a short structure and sturdy stem; owing to its early maturity, cultivation of PB-1401 can help saving up to 4-5 irrigation leads to 25% saving of irrigation water. Non-shattering at maturity; non-lodging habit due to A noticeable large quantity of groundwater would get saved by farmers. Plant height ranging from 135-150 cm.

Cultivation: Due to its short sturdy stem it doesn’t fall during light rain. Therefore, it does not lodge. It takes 135 to 145 days for seed to seed maturity, Which is the shortest duration for any other Basmati rice variety maturities. Because of its shorter duration, Its economic cost of agricultural inputs leads to a result in higher cropping intensity leading to better economic gains to the farmers. This variety produces almost half biomass due to a height of 145cm and thus will reduce environmental pollution due to the burning of paddy straw. This variety has given yields in the range of 3.9 to 4.20 Metric Tonne in large-scale plantation growing regions of Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and Utter Pradesh.

Milling & Furnishing: After drying, de-husking & polishing the Paddy grain. It might give a 70% to 75% yield including broken grain. Its rice grains have more length & thickness than PB-1, While the grain whiteness is perfect. Genotype possesses aromatic extra-long grains of 7.40mm to 7.55mm with very occasional grain chakiness with a very good grain length after cooking 22.00 mm.

About Market: PB-1401 is no so much demanded by the domestic and international markets. Due to having a long length, it is mostly used to cook Biryani and Pilaf. Long Grain rice is used mostly in marriage, party and on special occasions. While some people eat this rice regularly as its market price is a bit lesser than other long-grain rice like PB-1509, PB-1121. #hotcup

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