Sharbati Rice are basically long grain rice which are considered as one of the low cost basmati rice variety in India. Sharbati rice are grown in Haryana, Punjab & Uttar Pradesh regions of India. Sharbati Basmati Rice has sweet taste and it is non-sticky in nature. It comes with an average grain length of 7 mm+. It extends upto twice if cooked properly. They become fluffy and non-sticky after cooking.

Sharbati Basmati Rice is the pioneer among premium quality aromatic rice varieties, exclusively cultivable in the uttermost fertile regions of India, Pakistan, and a lesser-known landscape i.e. Nepal. Per the statistics, India shoulders 90% of the world’s Basmati Rice demands, followed by Pakistan for the rest. Therefore, India undoubtedly enjoys the status of the supreme leader in providing the world with the rarest variety of nutritionally affluent, aromatic extra-long grain rice.

Basmati Rice is being cultivated in the Indian subcontinent for millenniums. Owing to such a long reign, Sharbati Basmati Rice is the only variety that has been serving the world cuisines, ancient, modern, or contemporary, with the expressive texture, aristocratic taste, and aesthetic aroma. Health benefits are also an add-on in Sharbati Basmati Rice.

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